Monday, 20 August 2007

My Father the Bone Hiding Machine

I love playing. Dexter is my bestest friend but I haven't seen him if I wanna play tough and rough, I have to go find Daddy. He lets me play rough and gnawing on his fingers, unlike mummy who howls in pain so easily. Daddy only complains about it after we've finished rough housing. I use my paws and my teeth to get what I want. =)

Besides the whole "China Doggy" playing, Daddy likes to hide my bone under his feet. He has BIG feet for such a thin human. Mummy's feet can hardly hide the whole bone, but Daddy's feet covers it and then some.

Daddy first tempts me with the bone. We play catching then the bone magically disappears under his humongous feet and I have to nose at it or dig it hard to pry his feet apart. If I try hard enough, Daddy will give up and show the bone to me under his feet...and if I'm fast enough, I'll get my bone.

Watch this first video...I've decided to take a break but am a wee bit camera shy.

In this second video, I've occasionally yelp in frustration. Mummy says it becos I"m a sore loser, but that's not true. Humph.

In the third video, after I get my bone, I like to give it back to Daddy so that we can play somemore. See? I'm a sharing and loving Pembroke Welsh Corgi. =)

For this bone hiding/ searching game with my favourite toy, I give it 4 paws out of 5! Mainly cos, the bone is meant for chewing but hey, who's taking notice right? Teehee...


Anonymous said...

That looked like such fun I asked mum if I could play that with dad. She said no cos if my dad put his feet on the bone the bone would run away and hide. I guess your human must have nicer smelling feet than mine!


Anonymous said...

You are such a generous boy, Benny! After trying so hard to get the bone- you willingly pass it to your daddy....What a good boy!!!

Aunty L

Dexter.Yew said...

Hi bro, daddies are nice to play with and to snuggle up huh! Yup! Daddies are great!
I see u soon buddy! Miss ya!
Say "hi" to your folks for me ok.


Ume said...

keke... we've something in common! i like to bring my bone n chew on my Jiejie's lap, n sometimes she would yelp in pain when i accidentally chew on her thigh instead of the bone! hiak hiak...

Cody, The Fussypot Pants said...

Ah Benny, ur Dad's feet are humongous! erm, did ur bone smell funny after being trodden upon? My dad's feet smelly funky sometimes too!

Oooh I drool everywhere when I am biting my bone. Mum says with my saliva, she can wash the whole with it!

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
What a fun GAME! But my Dad's feet..erm..ok nevermind. Let's leave that alone. hehe