Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Dah Hippo

Lately, my humans have been busy working and preparing for the new store for Pawsitive Sensations so I haven't had as much human time as I wish I could have. I think they felt guilty so they let me play with my hippo. Yep, its the one that I got for my birthday this year. Mummy kept hiding it cos she says I'll destroy it in 2 hours. Bah.

Well, I have many ways of gnawing at my hippo. Let me show you. =)

There's the nose bite:

Then there's the neck bite:

Oh and there's the ear bite:

Don't forget the front foot bite:

And the back foot bite:

Here's the intimidate the Hippo stare:

Finally how to roll the Hippo:

And just for movie's a look at how I gnaw the hippo on my beautiful soft blue bed. =)

And here's how I like to run around with it!!! My Dad and Mum keep trying to catch me, but I'm fast! Like lightning! Wooosh!

Ok, I give the Hippo 4.6 paws out of 5. I would give it more, but Mummy says that its expensive so we have to be objective and take away the 0.5 paw points.

Update on the store...See? The glass is up! The furnishings are going in! Isn't this exciting? Wee! Check out our website: for a map to the place called K9 Kampus. More news coming up real soon!


wally said...

Benny--I love your hippo toy! Looks like a lot of fun. I could barely see it, though, you were running SO FAST!


Cody, THE Fussy Pot Pants said...

Hippo looks so nice to munch on, just like Mr Teddy.

Are you gonna be at the shop most of the time Benny? I m trying to pyscho my hoomans to bring me there.

River said...

That hippo looks like a fab toy!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Benny,
I'm sure now that your parents have settled the shop and gotten it open. You'll get losta attention again!
PS : I would have RIPPEd that HIPPO apart. You sure give it lotsa gentle loving!

Benny said...

hi Everyone!
Thanks for thinking of me...*blush*
I'm at the shop pretty often these days and am trying to be a good boy so that I get to go at least 5 days of the week!!!
Come visit us soon so we can play ok?