Sunday, 20 January 2013

Fun London Cab plush toy!

Weeeee! It has been a while since I found a toy I could really grin about! Thanks to Aunty E (Hammer's mom) for the Xmas present! So i got it and was wondering what all the fuss was about. Pose! (said Mommy)

OKAY! I will pose! Blink blink.

Then we started playing fetch! It was SOOOOO much fun i had to do a jiggy with it!

This thing had a squeaker that I just couldn't get enough of...*nom nom*


Ok, so i learnt you can't really eat it. Its more a fetch toy. After many rounds of fetch i was uber duper super ultra mega happy!

More! More!

Ah. My london cab. I think England must be awesome. =) i shall keep my cab safely somewhere and nom on it...
(Mommy: he has managed to gnaw 3 seams apart in a few days. Poor taxi.)

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