Monday, 8 October 2012

"Oops...." I did IT again...

A few days ago my humans went out for dinner. When they came home, they saw something on the floor and smelt something in the air. Mommy says she wants to tell the story... uh-oh.

**Benhur's Mom here. So yes, we left for about 2 hours but this was after he had a nice day out too so he wasn't bored. Benny just decided to do what he seems to simply have to do ever so often - eat something he shouldn't. Let's see now. Since he was a puppy (in no particular order) he has eaten:

  • About 6 bananas (skin and stem)
  • About 50-60 bags of Lipton tea
  • Macadamia nuts (estimated 30)
  • House plant
  • A lot of Oreos
  • Entire packet of MnMs
  • More Oreos, this time peppermint ones
  • Tube of Bodyshop hand cream
  • Fire Starter
  • Recycled Fire Wood
  • Leftover dinner from trash
  • etc. 
**I have potentially blocked out some of the memories. Just because. So let's add this to the list - Ranch Dressing. There were 3 pre packed cups of ranch dressing that Clement was going to bring to his office but Benny decided to pull them down from the dining table and have a go at it.

**These are 2 of the 3 cups he took. 2 of the cups are perfectly clean. The third one was half eaten which meant...he was nauseous from eating it.

**The guilty boy knew he was in trouble. Big trouble. He sat on the steps knowing he can't go up cos we told him not to, and he can't come down cos he is in big doo doo.

**Guilty boy wondering when he should move.

**Guilty boy getting scolded while having to FACE THE EVIDENCE. His tummy was bloated and his breath smelt of ranch. It was gross...i knew we were in for the gas coming out the other end...and yes, it smelt like ranch too. :S

**I found his "bed" clean of the ranch but had some blood. He likely cut his lip/gum/tongue on the foil or plastic. Nothing in his mouth was bleeding by the time we got home and he ate fine otherwise. So the silly guilty boy had a misadventure with the ranch...

**And not that it stopped him from begging for watermelon soon after we released him from his scolding and forgave him. Oh benny...

I, Benny, am back! Yes, my humans scolded me...i couldn't help it. Honestly, my tummy and tongue and saliva glands overrule my brain's better judgement. =P Heh. The cut wasn't fun though and i did feel kinda pukey after. Ranch isn't high on my list of fav foods now.

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Oh, Benny. Hugsss.granmaw.