Friday, 28 September 2012

Dog Days of Summer (San Fran Giants)

One night Mommy showed me tickets...i never had a ticket for ME before...*inspect*

Take a look...oooo...i believe the one with the yellow sticker is for ME!

Woohoo! That means....we are going somewhere!

So i'm told that orange is the colour of the day...I'm ready folks! Let's get going!

I found out that I'm in San Fran once again but this time at a park for baseball! The AT&T park!
Gotta make it mine! *poop*

As we were walking to the entrance we saw really expensive lookin'

Then the humans go to the loo...guess its sorta like making the place theirs too right?
And after that they go buy baseball park foooooood....*yum*....

And we finally make it to our seats! Yes...I GET A SEAT TOO!
(Mommy's trying her best to carefully balance the food. She dropped daddy's hotdog but the nice guest services lady there got him a new clean one cos it was an accident. How pawsome is that?!?!)

Do i get treats? (yes...i did!)

Bailey was there too! His mom is a BIG Giants fan!

Nom nom...every one is having nice smelling hot dogs and garlic fries except us doggies.

Here's me up on the bench after daddy and mommy finished all their food. A much better view!

Here's the game!

This HUGE afgan hound is impressive eh?

I made tons of people smile....

And we sang "Take me out to the ballgame".... I liked that one!

Whew! It was a bit warm but the wind kept it cool... I like going to ballgames!

This is me...snoozing all the way home...

But hey! It sure was a fun day out at Dog Days of Summer!

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Anonymous said...

You look handsome, Benny. XXXGranmaw