Tuesday, 14 February 2012

I was looking for candy...

Guilty. That's me. Mummy is super upset with me now... but I couldn't help myself! I smelt the M&Ms that she gave Daddy!!! I didn't get any....

So while they went out for dinner I started poking around and pulling the stuff that was near the M&Ms. (Mummy: We had purposedly hidden the M&Ms elsewhere already but didn't think he was so crazy about them to do this!)

I didn't find it downstairs so I went upstairs to where Mummy had hid it before giving it to Daddy and tore some more stuff apart. I found some other new candy!

There were two of the things above but in blue colour. Um, yah...i took them apart and ate all the gumballs. *burp*

Now, I'm getting scolded. Mummy says I should be ok since there's no Xylitol in these gumballs cos that ingredient is really very toxic to us doggies even in small quantities.

Ok...no pics of me. I was a bad boy. =(

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Anonymous said...

Glad yr ok. Sudden high blood is not good for the insulin making pancreas. It can cause a melt down and give you diabetes. So beware.
Love from Grrrandmaw