Thursday, 20 October 2011

My very own mini-pumpkin-me

Mummy's slowly trying to decorate the house again. In the theme of Halloween...she said that I need to learn spookiness. How's this look?

WHAT? I'm not scary? Grrr....bah. Fine. Not my fault that mummy drew that cartoon corgi on my mini-pumpkin. It looks so goofy...ruined my spooky groove i say!

Ooo....look, sniff... there's 3 of them!

(just got scolded for trying to eat them)

And this is my punishment. Pumpkin on my head.

Seriously, how is ANY CORGI supposed to scare anyone like this?

Well, in the end, mummy gave me something to eat and mentioned that I will have a nice scary costume for Halloween. Thus I forgive my human ('cos of the treat obviously...not the costume).

Here's a close up of what mummy tried to draw.
On the left is she copied a pic of Mulan cos mummy's asian and has long hair. On the right is a pic of a chinese cartoon guy but with "chicken-backside" hair added cos daddy has that very often. And in the middle is a cartoon pic of a corgi with the tail added in...cos I have one. =D

Have a great time during the Fall everyone!

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Anonymous said...

Well, if you'd bared yr fearsome , lol, teef, u might look scary. :P