Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Fortnum & Mason Treats for Happy Hounds!

Yippee! More gifts for moi =D
Mummy's pawsome friend (whose barkday was yesterday...so Happy Barkday Aunty S!) bought these high-class doggy treats for me when she was holidaying in UK!
Fortnum and Mason treats...ooo.... *droool* The bone toy is from Aunty E...she bought it at Crate and Barrel but that's for another entry.

See the picture of the dog on the packaging? Yes...it is DROOLING. So what do you expect me to do right?

Mummy's telling me it is ALL mine... mine... bwahahahahaha!

And then she says, " only one biscuit for today Benny!" The shock!

I couldn't stand it anymore...too a good sniff from the corner of the box.


Admittedly, it made me a bit high already (Mummy: i sniffed it too. Smelt great...and smelt healthy too!)

Still high...

Alrighty! Time to EAT!!!!

Here's the ingredients:

Weee! Can't wait for my next treat! =D Thanks again Aunty S! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Yummmmmmm! Crunnnnccchhh!
Love you, Benny. Granmaw.