Sunday, 30 January 2011

Retractable Front Legs

Its almost the end of January. The weather was quite nice for a while cos it was sunny and in the low 70s...but the wintery cold gloomy rainy weather is back.

And since I have been getting furminated, my ability to withstand the cold is not as powerful as before. I have thus learnt to retract my front legs into my body. Mummy calls it the Corgi-Tortoise-Kungfu Defense! (ok, admittedly, she has been playing too much Final Fantasty and she also just watched a bit of Kungfu Panda.)

This is me...and yes, that is my Tamago Sushi toy at my tail. Brr....

View from the top and more proof of my heat retentive defensive prowess.

I'm suspiciously eyeing mummy to ensure my Tamago stays with me.

Last looks! I can tell you that my front feet are nice and cosy. =D

Anyhoo...what is up with all those pics? Hope all the corgis in the super cold, snowy, wintery places learn the retractable front legs technique!

A corgi's gotta snooze in peace. Back to the usual corgi snooze photos.

February is coming our way! Chinese New Year of the RABBIT! Wee!

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Laurie said...

Hahaha Sadie has been sleeping like this lately, too!! It looks so weird!