Friday, 18 September 2009

Smelling the Wind at Stevens Creek...mmm....

A few weeks back we went for another nice ride to Stevens Creek Trail. (Mummy: we went on a ride means we humans pulling his majesty in his trailer. =P)

Here's all the stuff that gets dragged out of the apartment just before we launch.

When we got there, Mummy made me walk for a short bit.

It was windy and sunny. I have a funny expression on my face. Mummy had funny hair.

See my gigantic shadow? Doesn't it look more like an evil hound?

(Mummy: Yah sure. The evil hound with the tongue dangling out. Haha!)

We finally made it to the water. I wasn't allowed to walk around here. Its for the water's "safety". So i posed with Daddy at the bench. Styloh pose.

Mummy said "Look here!" Oops. my tongue is showing. Phhht.

Ok, more handsome with a smile.

Mummy's turn. I was staring at the ground...thought i saw something to eat.

Photo! Oi! Mummy's not looking. So distracted. Tsktsk.

That's better!

Last shot. Where am i????

Until next time folks! =D


Trishas Trove said...

Hi Benny ... looks like you had another fun day out!

I wouldn't mind a nice ride in your "Royal Carriage" ... though I don't know what your Mummy will say about pulling me around ... heh heh :-DD

The Beasts- Royal, Brock & Alki said...

what fun! such a pretty place too!

the Beasts

Eve K said...

Looks like you are giving your humans a nice time 'dragging' you around. I would love to be King of the Road .. but nope.. Evelyn says Singapore roads are not very bicycle or dog trailer friendly.

Handsome Hammer

Laurie Eno said...

Hey Benny!

You are one terrific Corgi boy. I'd love to share you with readers of my blog The Daily Corgi!

Please check it out:


Hope to hear from you soon!



Its ME said...

Yeah the shadow play is fun .

When the sun is setting fast,
beware, for Benny's shadow will be a great hound dog.....wooooooo....scooobbyy...ddoooo...where are u, benny dooo?

All of you are one fun photogenic family you know and I enjoy all these surreal trip with you .

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