Sunday 6 October 2013

I'm not ignored. Just busy. ;)

Wowie. Talk about a lack of blog posts. Little brother Adam is draining mommy's energy and time but that's also cos she is doing her utmost to keep me happy as well. I go on at least 2 walks with her and Adam every day and 1 walk at night with daddy. We also play plenty of fetch together. Adam loves to watch me run to and fro. I am hoping for the day he will be able to stand and throw a toy for me!!!!

In the mean time I am keeping Adam clean. :D 

Tuesday 18 June 2013

Keeping Adam clean

I'm a busy corgi. Previously I just had two humans to watch and care for. Now I have three! And the little one needs to stay clean. I know how much mommy likes us all to be clean. 

A corgi's gotta do what a corgi's gotta do. 

Slurp slurp slurp!

Wednesday 22 May 2013

Things are looking up and quieter (a little) 😉

My baby brother has learned to make other sounds at other volumes besides LOUD or silent. He now coos and gurgles and does alien sounds. Sometimes I run away but most of the time it's tolerable. Much better than the first couple weeks when he got here!

He is about 5 weeks old. Quite a bit bigger. I think I grew about that quickly as a puppy too. ;)

This is us quietly celebrating his one month of age! ;))

In the meantime i continued to get love from daddy...

And from mommy...

And we all even went out as a family on a mini outing!

I hope Adam grows up to be a good sibling and loves mommy and daddy as much as I do!

Wednesday 1 May 2013

My human baby brother has arrived!

What a crazy few weeks it has been.

Mommy and daddy disappeared in the middle of the wee hours of the morning a couple weeks ago and mommy didn't come home for a few days.

When she finally came home, a new living thing appeared. It stayed in our home. It was crying and making weird gassy sounds for a long time. I know he is part of the family now... But seriously, he is loud!

Here he is! Presenting my baby brother, Adam! 😉

Monday 25 March 2013

My coming-soon baby brother!!!

My baby brother should be showing up real soon!!! Mommy has been growing bigger and bigger at the belly. Sometimes I feel him kick me when I'm resting against her belly.

Look at all the nice things people got for him! He is just as lucky as I am to have so many people love him! :)

Soon soon! Maybe in a month!

Sunday 20 January 2013

Fun London Cab plush toy!

Weeeee! It has been a while since I found a toy I could really grin about! Thanks to Aunty E (Hammer's mom) for the Xmas present! So i got it and was wondering what all the fuss was about. Pose! (said Mommy)

OKAY! I will pose! Blink blink.

Then we started playing fetch! It was SOOOOO much fun i had to do a jiggy with it!

This thing had a squeaker that I just couldn't get enough of...*nom nom*


Ok, so i learnt you can't really eat it. Its more a fetch toy. After many rounds of fetch i was uber duper super ultra mega happy!

More! More!

Ah. My london cab. I think England must be awesome. =) i shall keep my cab safely somewhere and nom on it...
(Mommy: he has managed to gnaw 3 seams apart in a few days. Poor taxi.)

Thursday 10 January 2013

What on earth happened to TIME?!?!?!

There's a crazy reason I wasn't able to post. Trust me I wanted to but this was beyond my powers.

Mommy is....pregnant! The little baby inside mommy has been draining her time and energy. And mommy has been crazy bz as well traveling back to Singapore before she got too big.

Well lots of change is coming! So quick catch up:

1. November weekend - mommy flew back to Singapore for uncle Z's ROM.

2. She came back for about a week then she and daddy went to Japan for a week for what they call their babymoon. I could feel them spying on me through the webcam at sweetdoggies!

3. After they came back, mommy flew back to Singapore again in early December to do tons of stuff for Pawsitive sensations.

4. Daddy flew back to singapore the Christmas week to visit family and once again I felt them spy on me via webcam!

5. Unfortunately, mommy fell ill with the flu, fever, viral GI issues, upper respiratory infection. I must have felt it from waaaay over here cos I got upset and sick with pneumonia. Thank God the team at sweetdoggies noticed me being ill and sent me to the vet for treatment.

6. It's now early jan 2013 and everyone is back home with me and I'm better and so is mommy!

So have a happy and blessed 2013 everyone!!! I will be posting again soon! Pictures await!

Tuesday 23 October 2012

99 Ranch in Cupertino

Mommy is trying to post this entry from a mobile app. I'm cool with that cos that means I can post on the fly! :)

Wondering around is fun! There's plenty of fooooooody smells and bushes and pillars to sniff.

There's even a nice fountain. I like the fountain but daddy doesn't like the restaurant behind it. :P

Don't forget the comfy benches and the cool shop that sells all the cute stuff that I won't get cos I'd just tear them up. Heh.

Oh and I had to take a pic at mummy's favorite bubble tea store! I got to say it smells pawsome!

Ok. That is it. I have decided to make 99 Ranch MY TERRITORY!... =D

Monday 8 October 2012

"Oops...." I did IT again...

A few days ago my humans went out for dinner. When they came home, they saw something on the floor and smelt something in the air. Mommy says she wants to tell the story... uh-oh.

**Benhur's Mom here. So yes, we left for about 2 hours but this was after he had a nice day out too so he wasn't bored. Benny just decided to do what he seems to simply have to do ever so often - eat something he shouldn't. Let's see now. Since he was a puppy (in no particular order) he has eaten:

  • About 6 bananas (skin and stem)
  • About 50-60 bags of Lipton tea
  • Macadamia nuts (estimated 30)
  • House plant
  • A lot of Oreos
  • Entire packet of MnMs
  • More Oreos, this time peppermint ones
  • Tube of Bodyshop hand cream
  • Fire Starter
  • Recycled Fire Wood
  • Leftover dinner from trash
  • etc. 
**I have potentially blocked out some of the memories. Just because. So let's add this to the list - Ranch Dressing. There were 3 pre packed cups of ranch dressing that Clement was going to bring to his office but Benny decided to pull them down from the dining table and have a go at it.

**These are 2 of the 3 cups he took. 2 of the cups are perfectly clean. The third one was half eaten which meant...he was nauseous from eating it.

**The guilty boy knew he was in trouble. Big trouble. He sat on the steps knowing he can't go up cos we told him not to, and he can't come down cos he is in big doo doo.

**Guilty boy wondering when he should move.

**Guilty boy getting scolded while having to FACE THE EVIDENCE. His tummy was bloated and his breath smelt of ranch. It was gross...i knew we were in for the gas coming out the other end...and yes, it smelt like ranch too. :S

**I found his "bed" clean of the ranch but had some blood. He likely cut his lip/gum/tongue on the foil or plastic. Nothing in his mouth was bleeding by the time we got home and he ate fine otherwise. So the silly guilty boy had a misadventure with the ranch...

**And not that it stopped him from begging for watermelon soon after we released him from his scolding and forgave him. Oh benny...

I, Benny, am back! Yes, my humans scolded me...i couldn't help it. Honestly, my tummy and tongue and saliva glands overrule my brain's better judgement. =P Heh. The cut wasn't fun though and i did feel kinda pukey after. Ranch isn't high on my list of fav foods now.

Sunday 30 September 2012

Happy Mid Autumn Festival!

Woohoo! It is the mid-autumn festival again! I like it...cos...mommy and daddy always buy something nice smelling home. I get to pose with these mid-autumn goodies...
Oh boy....the lid is opened....MUST - HAVE - SELF - CONTROL...
Maybe if I look sideways and upwards....


*Got caught*
Now have to pose the boss. The one who bought and paid for it.

I will just have to wait for them to eat it and crumbs to fall my way! *pray hard!*